Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Keg disappointed me like I had just broken up with my boyfriend

Okay so I am exaggerating slightly, it wasn't that traumatic but it was close. (Disclaimer you should know: I absolutely love a medium rare steak with red wine and the Keg had yet to disappoint me... until now [yes I know, melodramatic, cue the music, dum dum dum]). We frequent the Keg quite often, more often than the normal human being should and yes, there were the odd times (like once in a blue moon)the steak wasn't cooked quite to perfection but they've always been excellent at making up for it so I can't hold it against them for it (never mind the fact we had a server who was absolutely awesome when we sat down at a table in the lounge only to have an irate woman tell us we butted in line when we honestly didn't know there was a line to begin with and thought people were just milling around the entrance after being fulfilled from a massive supper and enjoyable company - that is another story for a different time [if she had been nicer we would have no problem giving up the table to her but the server said not to bother]).

However, at a time where I was craving a medium rare blue cheese fillet, I chose to go to the Key instead of the opening of Folkfest where a variety of food was offered up for the taking, never mind it holds fond memories. My husband and I like to sit at the bar which probably was our first mistake but we've never run into a problem before doing so and like to reserve larger tables for bigger groups instead of just the two of us. We chose seating at the bar that was on the other end close to the transaction machine. After settling in, we were greeted by one of the 3 bartenders who asked us what we would like and if we would like a beverage. After ordering a martini that contained basil, he left promptly only to come back to state they were out of basil. No big deal. We then ordered vodka martinis and off he went to make them. While he was off making our concoctions, another bartender came up and asked if we had been served. We proceeded to say yes but asked for menus which he promptly gave us. Our martinis came shortly after and that was the last we received any service.

At the time, we thought nothing of it and decided what delectable meal we wanted out of the vast selection. We closed our menus and enjoyed our delicious martinis and wonderful company. It was soon after we realized that we weren't going to be served as numerous drinks were served (and don't get us wrong, we realize we were sitting at the bar). However after seeing a bartender open a box of new wine glasses and polish them while another one glanced at our closed menus and checked his phone in front of us, it was obvious we were not going to be served. Normally this wouldn't bother us but let's face it, we arrived shortly after 7 and after 40 minutes I was starving. I could understand that the bar was busy serving drinks but in the end, not a single drink ticket came in for a good 5 minutes and I am fully aware of how long of a wait it is to be served a succulent steak once ordered. I was heartbroken.

Finally after much discussion, as I hate to give up on my favorite restaurant that serves my #1 meal and my husband hates conflict, I asked for the bill for our martinis. I stated that since we weren't getting served, I would like our bill and that we were going elsewhere. Without hesitation and NO effort to try to save us as customers we got our bill with a minute apology and left to a place that served a very delicious meal, one I would almost consider to be a competitor of theirs with a smaller steak selection (but seeing as it's not about the competitor I won't say where we went). I would like to blame this on new bartenders or even a busy restaurant but seriously, if the first reason is the issue, train your staff better and it definitely can't be the second as they were polishing new wine glasses and checking their phones. Overall I am truly disappointed in the Keg and may have to reconsider my choices when craving a steak even though I was once a loyal Keg fan.

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