Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What music represents...

As I was sitting in rush hour today a song came on the radio that brought back memories (I was too lazy to change the cds that have been in the cd player for ages). Listening to the song, my mind wandered away from the memory it represented and made me think of other songs and its related memories. It's amazing how certain songs can evoke memories, good and bad and how they seem so fresh in your mind. I know no matter how many times I hear certain songs it will always be tied to certain memories, memories as simple as tied to a movie or a tv show. Other memories are of course more significant which I cherish. What amazes me are the genres of the songs, they range from metal to even country (which I normally do not listen to). Are there songs out there that just pull at your heart strings or evoke memories you cherish?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Saskatoon becoming more violent?

Is it me or is Saskatoon becoming more prone to random acts of violence. Just today in the news there are numerous reports and updates of random shootings, and people being stabbed. Is Saskatoon becoming a more dangerous place to live or am I just becoming more aware of local news? I suppose it is also due to the fact that Saskatoon is growing at an extremely fast rate and it could all be relative. For those living in Saskatoon, do you still feel this is a safe place?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hummers - To drive or not to drive

The other weekend I was out driving and couldn't believe the number of Hummers I saw driving around. As one was pulling out of the gas station I could only wonder how much it costs to fill up a Hummer with gas prices ranging around $1.34 and threatening to rise. I mean no disrespect to any owners driving a Hummer but can anyone tell me what is so great about a Hummer, especially in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan? If it is a status thing would it not be better to import a fuel efficient car where everyone will look at you and say, boy that car must have cost a lot as it is brand new to the car industry but is great on the environment. People would surely admire you for your thoughtfulness and intelligence to say with the times and think of the environment. Again if it is a status thing, is there really no other means of showing your status but drive a gas guzzling vehicle? I wonder if people who drive Hummers realize the adverse conversations people have instead of one of admiration. Or maybe that is their goal.

I shouldn't be so hard on people who own Hummers. Each to their own I say. It's not like gas prices were skyrocketing when they first bought their Hummers and what are they supposed to do when gas prices do rise, stop driving Hummers and not enjoy the Hummer for whatever reason they chose to buy it in the first place?? However I will say that I remain puzzled over the reasons why anyone would purchase a Hummer. Hummer lovers out there, please feel free to enlighten me and tell me why you love your Hummer.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Funny Video

For anyone who is in the technology/IT field this video is simply priceless, I can't stop laughing over it: