Thursday, May 1, 2008

There are some extremely sick and disturbed people in the world

I read a disturbing article the other day regarding a father, Mr. Fritzl, that imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth for 24 years in a cellar. The horrific story was revealed when one of her 3 children (ages 19, 18, 5) that lived with her in the tiny cell fell ill and doctors requested the mother come forward to provide more details. None of her children that lived with her saw daylight until they were freed as the cellar was windowless.

What's even more disturbing was that her father not only held her captive but raped her repeatedly and fathered 7 of her children. 3 of her children ended up living with her father and his wife who was under the assumption that Elisabeth had ran away and sent 3 of her children home. Now at the age of 47 Elisabeth is reunited with the rest of her children.

I can't even begin to imagine the ordeal that Elisabeth is going through, having missed a large portion of her life and the psychological damage her father has done to her and her children. And what is he facing? A possible 15 years in prison! In my opinion that is not even close to being justice. If you think about him 1) drugging his daughter and imprisoning her in a cell 2) imprisoning her for 24 years 3) raping and fathering 7 children 4) imprisoning 3 of her children so they miss their entire childhood and never see daylight 5) burning the body of a child that died during birth (who is to say he didn't kill the baby) 15 years is definitely not enough. I hope once more investigation is underway that he will be put away for life.

I can't even begin to comprehend how people who are in a parental/authoritative position can treat others in such an inhumane way. Is it because they lack mental capacity to know what is right from wrong? I have troubles believing this as people who commit such crimes go through their daily routine knowing what is right from wrong. I can only believe such a statement if they commit a crime every single minute of their life and are lacking the mental capacity to think straight. It then leads me to think they feel they are dominant and arogant enough to get away with whatever they want. That makes me sick and I hope people who commit crimes against others pay for it by time in jail (long jail time might I add) and get the help they so need.

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Unknown said...

Hearing this story distrubed me too. I saw it on BBC America news and they showed footage of the 'bunker apartment' that she was held captive in. The reports state that she was 'selected' by her father at age 18. How did her mother not know where she was for all those years??? No questions asked??? Very strange family if you ask me. I feel terrible for her and her kids too. Something they may never fully recover from mentally and emotionally. Some sick people in this world.