Thursday, July 10, 2008

Saskatoon becoming more violent?

Is it me or is Saskatoon becoming more prone to random acts of violence. Just today in the news there are numerous reports and updates of random shootings, and people being stabbed. Is Saskatoon becoming a more dangerous place to live or am I just becoming more aware of local news? I suppose it is also due to the fact that Saskatoon is growing at an extremely fast rate and it could all be relative. For those living in Saskatoon, do you still feel this is a safe place?


Anonymous said...

The vast majority of it will be on the west side. If you split out the west I don't think you'd see an increase. Split out the east and I think the increase would be larger than you'd think.

80+ years of a socialist government will have that effect ;) Well that might be a little harse, it's really just the last 20 years that has really brought out the culture of victimhood which has absolved everyone (well except the people that make the eastside a decent place to live) of being responsible for what has been created on the westside.

James said...

You must be correct as I just heard on the radio today that Regina surpassed Saskatoon as having more crime per capita.

Kari said...

Also, growing city means more bad people. East and west.