Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's in a nightmare..

I have vivid dreams and I usually recall them upon wakening. A reoccurring theme involves water (due to the fact I can't swim?), my favorite pastime fishing that I don't do enough of and fish in general.

Last night I had a disturbing dream which left me wide awake and bothered. It started with me standing in a public washroom facing the mirror. A man comes walking in and approaches me. I turn to face him and he caresses my cheek as if we have a secret affair going on. We hold each other's gaze but is interrupted by the sound of a toilet flushing in the background and he pulls his hand away and walks out. I turn back to the mirror as a women comes out of a stall and washes and dries her hands. She exits the washroom and the next thing I know, I'm sitting on a couch in a sitting area of the washroom. My legs are resting across the lap of a man sitting next to me. He has a twin brother but how I know that I have no idea. A toilet stall door opens and closes and in the next moment his twin brother is sitting on the couch next to his brother, with my feet on his lap. He has a crazed look in his eyes, his blond hair disheveled and his grey sweater covered in blood. Blood drips from his mouth as if he's just devoured a live being.

The next scene has me standing outside the washroom near the restaurant of the CO-OP mall in North Battleford. It's a Thursday and the mall is swarming with shoppers. I'm standing next to a group of girls as one tries to tell her friends about the madman in the washroom. Her friends laugh in disbelief but then time stops still as the madman comes out of the washroom. Everyone stops paralyzed and all eyes turn to stare at him in shock. The crazed look in his eyes is still there and he raises his arms above his head, his fingers curled ready in anticipation of his next victim. All hell breaks lose as shoppers start screaming and running in all directions away from him.

A man grabs my hand and we start running towards the hardware store. We're running so fast it feels like my feet aren't even touching the ground but on a cloud being pulled frantically by the man holding my hand. We're running faster than I imagine I could run and amidst all the chaos behind us, we can hear the madman gaining on us. We reach the hardware store and the man holding my hand runs towards the back of the store where men go to pick up their lumber. He bursts through a door and we're outside, behind the mall. It's nighttime.

We continue running as our life depends on it only to run into a man washing his car with a hose and bucket. For some reason we are unable to run around the obstacle and the man's eyes widen in panic as he realizes we're headed straight for him. He drops his sponge and dashes out of the way. We jump on top of his car and once on the hood, we take a flying leap off of it. Our leap takes us 10 feet in the air and we prepare for our landing. We manage to land on our feet as we hear the madman behind us.

We round the corner to see another man washing his car. We run past this man and the next thing I know, the madman has reached us. He tackles me and I'm lying face down in snow that suddenly appeared. I claw at the ground trying to get away and manage to kick him in the face with my free foot. I escape his grip and turn on my back, prepared to kick him again when I see 2 men come to my rescue and start to kick the shit out of him. One stomps on his back repeatedly and the other delivers devastating blows to the head.

It is at this point I wake up and and have troubles falling back to sleep.

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