Sunday, January 20, 2013

Audi Roadside Assistance & Dealership - Excellent Service

The other day we were on our way out to get groceries when my husband and I discovered our key fob wouldn't work in our 2011 A4 (our only car).  It would go in 3/4 of the way but no further.  We took turns trying just in case it was one of us as we hadn't used the car in a while and tried both fobs to rule out all possible issues we could think of.  No luck.  Concerned I called Audi dealership here in Saskatoon hoping their service department was still open as it was 4:00 on a Saturday and about -29 outside, not including the wind chill.  The receptionist answered and confirmed my fears that their service department was indeed closed.

I proceeded to call Audi's Roadside Emergency Assistance and spoke with a very helpful Amber who was sympathetic to our situation.  She put me on hold for a bit and came back on stating she spoke with the dealership here in town who were going to call me in five minutes as they were willing to help us out any way they can.  As promised, both Trevor and Scotty contacted me to find out what the situation was.  They were very helpful and great to work with and came up with a plan to get the car towed and looked at first thing on Monday.  I contacted Roadside Assistance again to get the car towed so it wouldn't cost us anything and this time spoke with Erin.  I thought I would have to repeat our situation again but Amber was very diligent about recording our conversation and Erin was quick to set us up with a tow truck.  Overall I have to say I was impressed with the service I received and the quickness Audi was able to respond to our needs.

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