Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Canadian Oil Change Pulls Through

Last month my husband and I went on holidays to Lund, BC. As we like to drive to our destination we decided to get an oil change prior to our holidays and unfortunately VW was all booked up. We ended up going to the Great Canadian Oil Change on 8th St in Saskatoon only to have it improperly done to the point where we leaked oil . It was a bit scary as we were in the mountains and there really wasn't a lot of room to pull over. Needless to say, we were mad.

So back in Saskatoon I followed up with the Great Canadian Oil Change on 8th to be told that he, Emril, was printing off the oil change we had done and was going to fax it to the head office to contact me for further investigation. A week goes by and I do not receive a call. I ended up calling Emril for an update and he goes to print off our work again and tells me to call their 21st street location to talk to Josh, the manager. Sigh.

I contact Josh and he tells me to bring the relevant papers and states that he'll talk to us to find out what happened and then his company goes through the usual process of investigating the sitaution. We go down there and provide Josh the necessary information. I ended up telling him I was supposed to recieve a follow up call and never got one. Surprised Josh states this was the first time he heard about this situation and that he would look into the situation with their 8th street location as any issue goes through him first. He apologizes and we leave with Josh telling us he will contact us once they find out the results of their investigation. So far so good.

As luck would have it another week rolls around and no word. I try phoning for an update but no one answered. Later on that day, John notices that he missed a call and it was the Great Canadian Oil Change. He tries to return the call but the manager had gone home for the day. I phoned the next day only to have Josh apologize profusely for the wait and that we would indeed get reimbursed for our mechanic and hotel bill. YAY! We decide on a convenient time for us to come down and he would cut a check for us.

I am happy to say when we went down to the Great Canadian Oil Change on 21st Street Josh was waiting and had a check already made out to us. He apologize profusely for the delay in getting back to us as he was super busy and understood how if the table was turned, he would expect 100% service. He also offered us a free oil change saying if we ever needed anything or wanted anything checked out he would take care of us. He was super nice and definitely made up for all the troubles.


Janice said...

Would like to say that I have had the same results as you with regards to your oil change from Great Canadian Oil Change. The one that I went to in Yorkton refuses to take responsibility for my oil leak. Only 4 days after receiving an oil change from them, I was broke down at the road side with no oil in the engine. I am out $2700 after my engine failed. They won't even reimburse me for the cost of the oil change.

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Unknown said...

Wish I could say that we had success dealing with Josh. I have just sent an email to Great Canadian Oil Change corporate office. He has denied any liability and refuses to provide any information to our insurance company even though they have requested it in writing. He had offered to show us a video of our visit to prove that there was nothing wrong that had happened but has not replied to our request to book an appointment to see the video, when I indicated that I would like to bring a mechanic to see it. I am told by the insurance company that he has ignored their request for a copy of the video. Below is a short version of our story.
Below is a summary of our problem. As it sits right now the car is sitting at the Dealership Garage, waiting for the insurance company to make a decision, which I am not sure they will do without further information from Great Canadian Oil Change. We have been using Great Canadian Oil Change for many years without any problems. Up until this incident I have had nothing but excellent service.
We purchased this vehicle on September 13th from a dealership. At that time we checked the vehicle and everything was fine, the oil was showing on the dipstick as full. On September 15th my son Jesse brought the vehicle in to have the transmission fluid checked. The guy he spoke with did not know how to check it for this vehicle and said he would check the computer, which he did. Shortly after my son heard the one guy say to the guy in the pit "What are you doing? It is a transmission fluid change" Once it was done Jesse paid (invoice #30187678) and left. The next day the car was leaking transmission fluid and we brought the car back to have it checked out. The guy that checked it said they had filled it from the wrong plug and overfilled it. This matter was fixed. Sunday September 28th the car began making a knocking noise. Jesse checked and discovered almost no oil. There was nothing registering on the dipstick at all.
We checked the oil when we purchased the vehicle and it was fine. The car was not leaking oil, as it was parked in my driveway and there were no oil leaks. This is a low mileage vehicle that was well maintained and serviced by the dealership before we purchased it. The dealership is willing to give me a letter stating that the vehicle was fine when purchased on Sept 13th and that the oil was full. our usual garage looked at the vehicle after this incident and told us the damage was caused by lack of oil. My theory is that when the guy went into the pit just out of habit, he started to do an oil change. He had already started to drain the oil, when the guy above told him it was a transmission fluid change so he put the oil plug back in and did the transmission fluid. However he did not add any oil, to compensate for the oil he had mistakenly drained out. Since we did not request an oil change, there was no reason why we would even think to check the oil after we left.