Sunday, June 1, 2008

Trip to Lund, BC: Part 3

While waiting for a ferry at Earl's Cove we decided to book a room in the Historic Lund Hotel and it was a good thing we did as there were only 2 rooms left. Initially we were thinking about staying in Desolation Sound Resort which is simply awesome looking but super expensive for the short amount of time we would be staying in Lund. When we booked the room they promised that it was the best room in the hotel and well worth the slightly higher price. Having stayed there before I have to admit we were a bit skeptic. However the moment we walked in we knew we made theright choice in staying at Lund Hotel. The room felt like home. Below are a few pics of the room.

As it turned out, this year was the first annual shellfish festival where the Lund Hotel Restaurant and the Boardwalk Restaurant features appetizers of different shellfish. I can't remember what the schedule was but we decided to eat at the Boardwalk Restaurant. We ended up ordering mussels with bacon, a bucket of prawns and of course, kokanee beer. Let me tell you, the mussels were delicious but it was the bucket of prawns with lemon butter, garlic butter and the usual seafood sauce that impressed us the most. Not only were they fresh but they were huge and very, very tasty. For the weak of heart that don't like seeing the entire prawn, you may not want to view the pics below.

Looking at the pics definitely makes me miss the food but it is better to have tasted it than not at all :P So far Lund has met our expectations. Later on in the evening we rented a free movie that came with the room and watched "Cloverfield" which I found highly disappointing. Next up kayaking in the ocean.

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