Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trip to Lund, BC: Part 6 The End

All in all the trip to Lund was a successful and highly enjoyable. We managed to do everything we had set out to do and will most likely replicate this trip again in the future.

The drive back was uneventful and I was thankful for that. Well I guess we were once again locked out of the place in Vancouver that we were planning on staying at but I won't get into the details of that. We managed to find a room that was reasonably priced right downtown Vancouver and met up with our friends Michelle and Brian who we stayed at their place on the way down. We met up with them at Rodney's Oyster House and it COMPLETELY filled my craving for shucked oysters. I always crave shucked oysters when we go to BC and I will have to make a point to always go there. The restaurant is not that big in size compared to other places we've been to so it was a good thing our friends made reservations prior to going there. The place is jam packed with people and played lots of 80s music. It was a happening place with the waiters seen having shooters every now and then (this may not have been a good thing as I think our waiter was drunk by the time we were nearing the end of our meal and made a few minor mistakes which he made up for). We tried a variety of different oysters (I think 7-8 different kinds in total) where there was only 1 type from the west coast. I probably had over 20 shucked oysters that night (none of which contained red tide) with the option of 7 different kinds of sauces. :) It was so good I am craving oysters as I type this.

So the trip to Lund has come to an end and I hope you enjoyed reading about our journey. We've done this trip twice now and I am sure we'll do it again.

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