Thursday, April 24, 2008

I can't wait

I've been wanting something for the majority of my life and I am about to get it! It's big (well it fits me), red and full of awesomeness. I am about to get a motorbike :) Originally I was all over the cruiser, specifically the Boulevard S50. We went around to numerous bike shops around town which by the way there aren't many. We went to Custom Cycle where it took us 3 trips there before a salesperon actually took the time to talk to us and find out we were serious. It was only afterwards we heard other people complain about their service. It almost was like pulling teeth as he basically answered your questions and didn't offer information that a new biker should know about (I think I may have learned more off of other people shopping there!)

So Cyclemania rolls around and we went to it thinking there would be tons of dealerships there but I was slighlty disappointed at the lack of dealers there. I think there may have been less than 10 dealers there. So be it. We ran into some friends there who highly recommended the service from SuperCycle out of North Battleford but they were not present at the show. Hmmm lovely ole North Battleford where I was born and raised was only an hour-ish away. So off we went and I have to agree, the service there was awesome. I actually sat on a Boulevard M50 which actually suited me better so the decision was made!

Back to Saskatoon we go only to put more thought into it and after talking with our friend Allan we changed our minds again about the type of bike to get. So we acted on his suggestion and I can't wait for it to get here.... I wonder what I got ;-)

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