Thursday, April 3, 2008

So I bought some boots...

...and can't get over how much I love them. In the past I've tried on dozens of boots but none seem to fit my scrawny calves. However that all changed!

Approximately 3 weeks ago, my husband and I were running some errands and stopped in at Redline Harley Davidson in Saskatoon for reasons that require a different post. Anyways there was a pair of boots that caught our eyes and I usually don't fall in love with footwear without trying them on. Keep in mind that I am also not the typical female that has footwear as her #1 priority. Don't get me wrong, I love footwear but have tons of other things I would like to save up for. In the end I walked out of the store without trying them on.

A couple days later, after some convincing from my husband we went back. The store had rearranged their display to make room for more inventory and I thought I lost my boots. The salesperson was very helpful, recalling past sales and even checking their main website for styles that were not displayed. After studying the boots on display, we found them not recognizing them initially as they were displayed differently. The salesperson asked for my size explaining these boots fit a size smaller than regular shoe size. I was in luck as the boots I was looking at was a size 6. I tried them on and they literally fit like a glove. Then came the debate as the boots also came in brown and suede but were half a size bigger. I finally made a decision on the black leather boots as I am a girl who loves the color black. The price was surprisingly reasonable considering they were Harley Davidson boots and I've seen nice shoes around the same price if not more. Not only that but the boots came with a 1 year warranty. What was even better they recorded my information in their system incase I lost my receipt and yes I realize I may get the odd flyer sent to my house but if it is one less receipt that I have to keep for a year the happier I am. Overall I am appreciative of my husband for purchasing these boots for me as I can't seem to take them off. Wonder what we'll get next.

Service at Redline Harley Davidson: knowledgeable, helpful, friendly
Rating: good

Style: Women's Afton 5-strap Boots

Warranty: 1 year

Boot size: 6

Material: Genuine leather

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