Friday, April 11, 2008

What is wrong with people?

One of my biggest pet peeves on my list (and trust me when I say my list is not long) is people who do not pick up after their dogs. I happened to be driving when I noticed a man walking his dog and his dog "getting into position" on someone's lawn. Noticing that he did not seem to have a bag with him I kept an eye on him in my rear view mirror. Sure enough, the dog did his business (and there was no mistaking what the dog was doing) while his owner pretended to be interested in the house he was standing in front of. The dog finished his business and off they went, like NOTHING happened! Come on people, do you lack respect for other people's property that you can't pick up after your dog? What goes on in these people's minds? Do they think dogs taking a dump is just part of nature and it'll blend in with the surroundings? Sure the owner may have forgotten to bring a bag but really, you're taking the dog for a walk, how much simpler can it be? Also when you decide to own a dog, there are responsibilities that come with it like PICKING UP AFTER YOUR DOG. If you can't handle this or are a slob yourself, don't own a dog. Yes I know, I am ranting but I am tired of going for walks and having to pay attention to where I walk. I want to be able to go for walks and think about other things besides dog shit. It is (almost) to the point where I want to stalk people that do not clean up after their dogs and take a dump on their lawn so they know how it feels. To all the other dog owners that picks up after their dogs, thank you.

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