Saturday, April 26, 2008

I have the craziest dreams

Do you recall your dreams? I recall the majority of my dreams and they are crazy! Take for example the one I had the other day...

I dreamt I was about to go into a life threatening surgery so I was going to have a bath to prepare myself for it. I remember walking into a room that seems to be a conference room that represented my house. My parents were there as well as numerous people from my past. They all seemed to be talking in hushed voices, not really talking to me. It was like they were attending my funeral. I walk through the room and no one turns to look at me for fear that I would see the pained looks in their face. I open a door to what was supposed to be the bathroom only to open it to the outside world where a claw foot tub stood at the end of a dock. I walk to the tub that's already filled with water and bubbles and climb in. As I am laying there, there is a man standing in the water fishing (as the tub is at the end of the dock) and he casts his rod. Slowly he reels his line in only to catch a fish. Excited I lean over the tub to peer at his catch swimming by. The tub somewhow moves back on the dock so the man's fish leaps on the dock as he is fighting to get away. The fish turns out to be huge and resembles a pig's face. That was when I woke up.

Crazy eh? I wonder what it means and if it has anything to do with the ongoing fish debate I am in.

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